Are you new to Pathways?

Quickly learn the basics of getting started in Pathways– from setting up your account to completing your Icebreaker speech.
1. Setup your account

Get your account set up and login for the first time.

2. Start you first speech project

Everyone starts with the Icebreaker. Learn how to get started with it.

3. Finally, complete your Self Evaluation

Learn what to do after you’ve given your first speech in your club.

Congratulations on giving your first speech!

Navigating Basecamp

Discover the features of Basecamp that enhance your Pathways experience.
Disable Pop-up Blockers

In order to use Basecamp, pop-up blockers need to be disabled for the Basecamp website. Learn how to disable them in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Completing a Level

Learn how to complete a level in Pathways, so you can proceed to the next level in your chosen path.

Unlock the Pathways Mentoring Path

Want to become a Pathways mentor or experience being a mentor firsthand? Learn how to unlock the Pathways Mentoring Path in your account.

Basecamp Managers

Learn how Basecamp Manager can help you fulfill your club roles. Club President, VP Education and Club Secretary are authorized to act as Basecamp managers
Approving Level Completion

Learn what you need to do once a member in your club requests for a level completion.

Printing Certificates

Learn how to print certificates so you can present them to your members and honour their achievements at the next club meeting.

Basecamp Manager Reports

Learn about the Toastmasters Basecamp Manager Reports available and how to generate and use the information to manage your members’ progress in Pathways.