The official charter date is when all charter forms and payments are received by Toastmasters International World Headquarters.

Complete and submit the following forms and payment:
Form 1 Application to Organize a Toastmasters Club
Form 2 Charter Payments:

US$125: charter fee with the Application to Organize (if not previously sent)
US$20: new-member fee per person
US$45 six months’ membership dues per person

Form 3 Charter Membership Application (one required per member)

Applications must be signed by both the applicant and club officer.

Form 4 Charter Club Officer Information
Form 5 Club Information
Form 6A Club Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International
Form 6B Addendum of Standard Club Options

This Excel spreadsheet can be submitted to World Headquarters in place of Form 3 Charter Membership Application and Form 4 Charter Club Officer Information. Some columns have options built into the dropdowns for club use. Clubs are still required to have a signed charter application on file.

Clubs chartering in September or March (the last months of the dues renewals periods) may wish to submit membership dues amounting to US $52.50 per person. The extra US $7.50 per person will be used to pay the prorated renewal dues. By doing this, your club will not have to collect dues from each member twice in two months.

Please note: All payments must be in U.S. dollars

For more information contact Club Growth Director


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